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What Essential Communication Skills To Know To Maintain Intimacy, Harmony, and Collaboration


Brought To You By Ed Ferrigan, M.A., CPCC, SEP

What Real Clients Say About Ed's "SafeTalk" Process

The environment that Ed provides is very safe & his ability to facilitate this process is profound. It creates a beautiful sense of community for all the people who attend. I have participated in many healing & growth experiences & I would highly recommend this beautiful process with Ed.

Harry & Kathleen

Mancos, Co

Ed helped me dissolve any discomfort and distrust of people...now able to immediately recognize repetitive and destructive behaviors and eliminate them. It was truly amazing how fast his process worked.

Antonia Clark

Durango, CO

I would definitely recommend Ed's process. He has such knowledge how to help people find their strengths and then help others be successful in so many ways. He is very in tune with where people are at and how to help them reach their full potential!

Ali Harden

Portland, OR

Here Is A Breakdown Of The Curriculum

The How To Stop Fighting And Arguing Professional System

Your goal is to listen without reacting. As soon as you openly react, you’ve given up your power. The How To Stop Fighting And Arguing Program will not only show you why you react and teach you how to stop, it will also guide you to being a better decision maker in life.

What Success Is

Before you take action on anything it's a good idea to know what you want. In this section, Ed will show you the fastest way possible to identify and dissolve blind-spots so you are no longer in the dark.


What is commitment? In this section Ed will show you how the unconscious can influence you away from commitment so you finally get back control of your destination. Goal: Manifest your heart desires.

Beliefs To Adopt

One shortcut to success is to know the beliefs that successful people have. In this section, you'll learn essential beliefs reinforce if you already aspire to them, or to adopt if you need adjustment. 

Core Practices

There are several core skills you will need to learn to make this program work for you. Once you gain mastery, you'll see the genius behind them. With practice arguments will be a thing of the past.

Component #1: Step-By-Step Video Lessons

Together, these modules will guide you to success. It's kinda like having a communication "playbook" at your fingertips. Use these tools to self navigate and practice regularly so you gain competency. Give yourself time to gain mastery. You can do this...

How To End Arguing

And Fighting

  • What to do when your partner lashes out and maybe even flies into a rage

  • The #1 way to end the blame game

  • What to say when their body language doesn’t match their words without triggering them

  • What to do when you know whatever you say won’t matter

  • How to hear both sides without the ego getting in the way

How To Get Your Partner To Talk When They Normally Wont

  • What essential body language needs to be communicated so the other person stay's engaged and open

  • Key words and phrases that activate curiosity and disarm your partners autopilot reaction to shut down

  • 3 Ways to get your partner to open up and talk3 Ways to get your partner to open up and talk

  • What you want to do in the first 15 seconds when they divert the topic

How To Regroup And Maintain Trust

  • 5 Ways to rekindle the passion so they want to take time for you

  • How to feel safe again to say what needs to be said and feel heard

  • How to know if you should trust them again

  • How to not take it personally when they get mad

  • And much more...

How To Feel Heard And

Validated For Your Point Of View

  • How to get them to beg you for your opinion

  • How to not be “attached” to them valuing your opinion and how it causes them to want your point of view

  • Key secrets to framing your conversation so you feel heard and valued

  • How to pick the right time to talk so you feel heard

How To Interrupt Your Knee Jerk Reaction And Not Feed It

  • Learn the #1 technique that will vaporize arguments in under a minute

  • What to do to break any “knee jerk reactions” so you don’t get “hooked”

  • The body signals to pay attention to before you say anything

  • “The Watchtower Practice” - a simple daily practice that guarantees you’ll catch yourself before you say something you’ll regret

Core Couples Communication Practices

  • Discover ways to share without triggering knee jerk responses that spiral out​

  • What to look for in yourself that is contributing to the negative outcome you never thought to consider​

  • The “4-Step awareness process” that stops arguments dead in their tracks​

  • How to effectively explore the meaning they have on something you disagree with​

Component #2: Supplemental Weekly Email Training

Integrate each video with a weekly prep email describing the situation and how to apply what will be in the next video. It tees up the next lesson in a way you are eager to watch, practice the lesson, and know how to apply it. Each week you’ll get a specifically designed email to open the lesson, offer insights, and help you frame up how to think about the video as you work your way through it. It will keep you motivated and offer you timely insights. ($150 Value)

Component #3: Workbook

Along with the video and emails you will have a PDF workbook to follow each exercise so you have recorded notes of what is working and what you need help on. (no charge)

Component #4: Feedback Systems

There is a feedback button on every video-lesson page that keeps me informed and a pulse on what is the program needs further explanation. I regularly monitor this feedback and when needed will offer weekly on-line sessions to clarify concepts, exercises, or how to handle specific situations. (no charge)

Component #5: Lifetime Updates

For the time being I am offering lifetime updates to the How To Stop Fighting And Arguing System. Neuroscience, trauma research, attachment theory, other up-and-coming psychological models and my own insights continue to refine my knowledge of the principles and I want to continue to share them with you. It is one of my life goals to create a program that has the potential to change the world. The How To Stop Fighting And Arguing System is the foundation of that. ($300 a year value)

Component #6: Private Discussion Group

One of the biggest challenges with integrating any new information is how our brains are wired to like patterns. Until you experience something, you will not know if your pattern is promoting learning or resisting learning. What we know for sure in brain science is our brains can change but you must give it a reason. Learning from others is another way to learn the HTSFA concepts faster. I encourage you to utilize this private group and save yourself a lot of time and money. ($300 a year value)

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