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About Ed

Since 1995, Ed Ferrigan, M.A., CPCC, SEP has been helping singles, couple, and organizational leaders create better relationships and have more fulfilling lives.

Ed specializes in early developmental trauma. He is especially skilled at seeing the unconscious pattern being played out by people and how it affects your relationships and life goals.

Ed assists individuals to deal with the root cause of the challenge making it go away forever. Why? Because you are changing the source of the problem. He will make it simple to understand so you can repair what happened and make more conscious choices to reach your goals completely.

Ed has a Masters degree in Psychology and is certified in the Hendricks Method of Body Centered Psychotherapy and their world renowned Conscious Relationship program.

He is also certified and has the highest designation in the Somatic Experiencing process create by Dr. Peter Levine.

Ed is author of the book 100+ Ways To Get Back On The Horse, and three world-class online video based programs called Trauma Repair Accelerator (TRA-10), Getting Relationship Right, and How To Stop Fighting And Arguing.

He can be reached at 970-317-0001 for personalized coaching or to answer your questions.

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