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Communicating effectively during conflict is the #1 skill to have for the rest of your life.

Based On Your Answers, Here Is A Recommended Reading For Your Type Of Communication Style: Mistrusting

    Mistrusting Communication Style doesn't often feel safe until they have enough information to let the guard down. The behaviors of the Mistrust Style when they fear too much intimacy is to pull away. This causes the an anxious or avoidant type to get more anxious or to pull away – creating a vicious cycle. Here are some other things the Mistrust communicator can do to change this dynamic:

  • Rather than pull away, consider asking more questions what is going on with your partner or other person.

  • Think in terms of how can I make it safe for my partner? Take time to share what your feeling so they don't make up a story.

  • When you are feeling mistrusting, tell your partner what you are afraid of. (hint: this may require a lot of reflection initially)

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