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Thank You For Helping Me With The Questions! 

Click below to get a free session using Ed's process he has refined for over 25 years.

At this time, I am not requiring the intake session for people like you who just completed the research questions. Go ahead and schedule the appointment and if you decide to continue, you can complete the intake form later. 

This is a live session with Ed via video conference. Be assured he's been working with trauma and other relationship dynamics for over 25 years. His own trauma own included.

Ed's worked with war vets, first responders, and individuals raised in demonic cults. VERY difficult traumas to deal with on your own.

Ed's even had great success with people over the phone. But today, video conferencing is getting better and better as long as you have a good internet connection.

Consider that you may even have a permanent breakthrough in this session. It has happen many times with previous sessions. No promises though. 

Take the chance and get some relief. Click the link below to set an appointment for your free session. 

Thanks again for your consideration and time.

Peace and blessings to you.

Ed Ferrigan

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