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Secure Your Most Fulfilling Relationships...Using the Ed Ferrigan Self Mastery Coaching Program.

Step 1: Learn Self Mastery From The Inside Out...

There is a pretty good chance if you are reading this, you are feeling unfulfilled with some or many aspects of your intimate relationship at this time. This report will change that if you are completely committed to change. If you are ready and committed then please keep reading. 


The Ed Ferrigan Coaching Relationship Mastery Program, was designed to assist you to design and achieve the life you've always wanted. It is no longer a mystery what has to happen to self actualize what you want in life. For this report, let's assume relationships are a big part of that life-fulfillment goal.


If you are currently experiencing:

  • Going in Circles (Same conflict, different day)

  • Arguing and Fighting And Maybe Not Sure How You Ended Up There Again

  • Heart-ache for knowing you are being torn apart as a couple and can't seem to stop it

  • Dread the thought of starting a new relationship all over again

  • Know you are contributing to the problem but are at a loss on how to stop it

  • Can see you are repeating patterns from previous relationships

  • Ready to have a solid secure relationship that is predictable and in integrity

If you resonate with any of these, then please read about how the Ed Ferrigan Relationship Coaching program can immediately move you in the right direction (Yes, this report was designed to get you moving in the right direction now).


Let's get you started. Think about this...


Research shows there are 5 criteria to be successful on this journey you are about to embark on. If these make sense to you, then continue reading...

  • Clarity: You must be clear about what you want. (This program will help you know this)

  • Commitment: You must have a burning desire, and courage, to do what it take to accomplish your goals and break old habits...and a willingness to be unflinchingly honest with yourself. (Hint: Responsibility is the glue that holds all of this together)

  • Healthy Learning Model: Most people have a broken learning model that holds them back. This program will change that. (Clue: you get defensive when you don't like what you are hearing.)

  • Consistent Action: Each day you express your internal commitment by taking actions that matter most. (Together, we can break through any unconscious patterns, justifications, or excuses.)

  • Reflection: Reflection is necessary to self correct and re-train your unconscious mind to align with your conscious aspirations.

Dear Friend,

My name is Ed Ferrigan, and I welcome you to investigate my coaching program(s). 


Relationship coaching can be one of the best investments of your life. When done right, a professional relationship coach can help you break through any limiting belief or hidden trauma (What most coaches don’t understand that sets me apart from them) that is preventing you from achieving your dream relationship.

In this report, I will guide you through what to ideally to be thinking about to be successful if you decide to use a coach such as myself.


Before we get too far along though, I want you to know I've been in your shoes and know what it is like to walk around, maybe even looking successful on the outside but feeling inept and insecure inside.


It eats away at you. Indeed, a hard pill to swallow. I was once told by two of my mentors that people will go one of two directions when they reach this point in life: They will either clamp down on their current patterns and stay stuck the rest of their life, or they will let go of the ego and be open to change.


I decided to take the second path and I hope you'll join me. 


And I'd be lying if I told you it was easy. Frankly, it has been the hardest thing I've had to deal with in my entire life... and also the most rewarding...


Upon reflection, I'm clear it was my destiny to sort out my early life trauma's and repair them, so I could reveal the best parts of myself that have always been there but needed awakening.


You can have the same result...


Why do I mention trauma? Because 90% of the time, after working with over 5,000 people, most beliefs and mental blocks that prevent people from living their fullest life can be traced back to early life experiences that are still "rattling" in their nervous system.


Through my own study, training, and trauma repair, I've become an expert at seeing-feeling trauma energy in others and helping them to repair it once and for all.

And it's not even that I have the answers...


My process uses your own body and felt sense to inform us (you and I), what is needed. It's a fail-proof formula I've refined over the past 25 years. A combination of many healing and coaching modalities are brought into our space and used when needed.

You will immediately benefit from my learning and healing...


I've literally re-built my nervous system from the bottom up. What many people take for granted, I had to literally re-program into my own nervous system.


Maybe you can relate to some of my key lessons so far: 

Learning to attune to my own and others needs and desires. 

Know where I fit in – in life. 

Communicate my needs and wants in a healthy way.Allow others to have their emotions and reactions without interfering because it's uncomfortable for me to see them suffer.

Another was learning to trust feeling that my true emotions would not kill me. (As a child it was actually dangerous to tell the truth or have a certain look on my face.)


There is not much I have not "peeled back" in myself and this allows me to easily see similar patterns in others quickly. (And it helps to be an empath.)

When we work together, I may form a hypothesis, but we use your own nervous system to inform what needs to happen next to repair it. You will learn to do this for yourself.


And I don't say it to brag, but rather to give you sense that I'm confident that I can guide you to complete success.


Let’s take a look and some other things useful to consider…

When Mediocrity is Not An Option For You

Relationship success is a very personal thing.

Staying stuck in the quagmire of mediocrity is a regretful way to spend your precious time on the earth.


You’ll know if this is true for you because your heart will hurt.


An invitation to you, is to turn in right now and ask yourself, "do I feel fulfilled in my life?" and feel into your body reaction.

If you feel a little tugging or small knot in your chest and some sadness in the pit of your stomach, you know you are tapping into something very important to you.


And if you are anything like me, it's probably non-negotiable to resolve it. That's a great attitude. (Even though for most people, they don't think they are in control of it so they resign themselves.)


As you reflect on your life, you may even feel heavy, and notice a ping of sadness and the yearning for connection to something greater than your current circumstances.


You look at your significant other and scratch your head wondering what has happened as things started out so great. 

And, a part of this may also seem confusing with what to do about it...


...where to start the process of change


...how to go about resolving your current relationship situation


...who to trust


...how to identify and modify the unconscious beliefs that are causing you grief


...what beliefs to hang on to or which ones to let go of


Like a governor on a big truck, you slow yourself down without knowing what's causing it all.


To make matters worse, it's easy and familiar to justify and have excuses to avoid changing it...


Like putting it off or rationalizing that things will be better tomorrow or if such-and-such happens...


I know, because I've been there hundreds of times myself in the past...


And I'm here to tell you there is a much simpler way to run your life and stop the madness permanently.


Not only will it stop, but you will find more joy than ever imagined.

As the famous researchers Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Susan Johnson both report, "Humans are wired for connection and partnership.


You've heard the expression, "money doesn't bring you happiness." And it's true.


I will show you a path that removes all obstacles, reveals what you've always longed for (but couldn't quite put your finger on). I'm betting you'll see it was never about what you thought it was.


It's much simpler and profound. The relationship comes organically, when you get this other part right.


Consider fear for a moment…

Key #1: Disconfirm Your Fears...

Whether you believe it or not, fear can be so pervasive and elusive we may not even know there is another way to be in the world. One key, is to learn the difference between fear and excitement.

They feel very similar in the body. You see, your brain is very smart.

Sure, you can be very excited about doing something you know is going to change your life, but the minute you take action and start tinkering with your unconscious fears, you suddenly may find every excuse and justification in the world to put the skids on your progress.

When I was a kid, I used to get in trouble (shamed or rage) for not doing something correctly. Later in life, the idea of trying something out that I was unfamiliar with, activated this memory. Without realizing it I would painfully inch my way towards doing things I yearned to learn about. It took years and a lot of lost opportunity before I sorted that one out.

Imagine being able to see fears you never knew were there? Or to identify beliefs that were "wired" into to you so early in life you never even thought to question them. 

All of us have coping mechanisms. When we are little we are unable to rationalize very effectively. We see life and all experiences through a very limited lens.  

We quickly assess and our primitive brain takes over and does whatever it takes to guarantee survival. These hidden patterns cause us great grief later in life as you may now be experiencing. With the Ed Ferrigan Relationship Mastery Coaching program you’ll get a precise formula to reveal these patterns and resolve them.

Then you'll know exactly what to do to extinguish them... so they no longer influence your progress in an unconscious negative way. And you’ll feel held and supported all along the journey... 

...because I am intimate with these dynamics and know exactly what is happening when it happens. In a very short time, I will teach you how to recognize and dissolve them as well.

Key #2: Get Your Conscious and Unconscious Mind Lined Up...

Address the relationship with yourself first and you’ll soon see how your unconscious mind is constantly influencing you.

Your memory system is at the root of all your beliefs and habits. When you understand how it works, and how to identify limiting beliefs or skills, you are back in control of your destiny. 

I will show you exactly how to disconnects from these unconscious directives and get back conscious control. 

With this knowledge, and the tools to change it, you will quickly realize how easily your dreams can come true. Getting your conscious and unconscious to “line up” is the key

Next, it's a good idea to have an advocate who has done the research and personal work to validate the fastest path to your success…

Key #3: Align With A Coach-Therapist Who Does Their Own Inner Work...

In the past 25 years, I’ve coached thousands of individuals, couples, and teams on the topic of life direction, relationships, and communication. I’ve also studied with researchers (Trauma, attachment, relationships, developmental stages, neuroscience) who are the best in the business. Many I've been certified with.

Most importantly though, is I’ve tested the principles and practices myself since the day I started my own journey over 30 years ago. I know what works from personally testing the wide array of options out there….and I practice what I preach daily in my own life…

Each Session Builds Momentum...

I’ve also recognized, from working with such a variety of clients, what consistently gets the best results. You will get the benefit of this the minute you land on the call. 

We will go “deep” within minutes of our process together. Zero wasted time to reach your goals… 

I’ve done this for so long, I now see the patterns and therapeutic interventions that get each and every client I serve to their goal in the fastest way possible. (AND never forget YOU have to practice to change old habits 😉)

The results speak for themselves. Most people-couples coach with me for a few months, then only need maintenance. Coupled with the Ed Ferrigan Relationship Mastery Video Program, you have an unbeatable combination. 

The Ed Ferrigan Relationships Mastery Program is a very precise formula for getting you into a deep state of integrity with yourself and your significant other. You could actually think of this program as an integrity formula for life success... 

The coaching, practices, and videos in this program allow you to work the most important aspects of getting and then staying in integrity. This means you will begin to clearly see when you are operating out of fear and insecurity versus your essence or hearts desire.

By studying this material, and doing the work, you will naturally ask deeper questions during our coaching sessions – giving you more value and taking far less time to resolve whatever is challenging you.

Dreams become a reality, when your commitment to learn is greater than your commitment to resist...

What You Get... Here is what's in the EFC Relationship Coaching Program

In this program, you will get the best of my 30+ years of research, certifications, and working with over 1000 personal clients in thousands of sessions. I've been very passionate about how the mind-body connection works and how to optimally manifest what we want in life. In this program, you will get my life's best work. Even today, I continue to add and evolve each component. As a member of this academy, you will enjoy regular new additions and the latest concepts that will accelerate your goals to completion.

Personalized 1:1 Coaching

Private Video Sessions With Ed

Each of our live video sessions have no wasted time like people often experience in other therapy modela. My goal is to assist you to access peak states of self-awareness that is at the heart of rapid transformation. I have a very particular method of doing this. It's also why 90% of my coaching business over the past 25 years has been by referral. 


When you access this optimal state, then declare what is wanted, it becomes obvious what beliefs are blocking your success.


The combination of accessing these states of mind, setting clear intentions, and dissolving the "rattles" that show up, clears the path to living your biggest life possible.


People are often concerned about "drumming up the past." Here is what you need to know. It's not about drumming up the past for novelty sake. Far from it. While it is a very complex subject let me simplify what will help you understand.


There are certain experiences from the past that will cause your "fear" circuitry to dominate your daily decisions. Behind the scene this "fear circuitry" is constantly influencing your thoughts and choices outside of your awareness. These habituated patterns can become the default that all of life gets filtered though if not challenged.


Many of these fear states are related to experiences that never got fully integrated. And they may have happened when you were so young you don't even realize it. The brain doesn't like "incompletions." Think of a Netflix show you may have binge watched. Why do you binge watch? Because they leave you with a cliffhanger at the end of each episode. It can be an irresistible desire to want to find out what happens. The brain works the same way with past difficult experiences that are incomplete. 


When we repair and "complete" these experiences we free up a ton of energy that gets re-focused to creating what you most desire in life.


So in a way, all of our coaching together is about declaring, in great detail, what you want, identifying where the "rattle" is and resolving it to free up your creative learning process

Private Group Support

Support Between Sessions

If you like private group discussions then you may enjoy the new private Heartbeat group. This group is meant to help you get answers to questions you may have about the video trainings.


I will drop into these discussions a couple times a week. There is no extra charge for these answers. 


My goal over time, is to create a vibrant group of people who understand the principles and can support the growth of "newbie" participants. (at the moment its very small so give it come time to grow)


I will also post new and unique videos in this group. These videos will be unique to this group based on conversations I see going on during weekly coaching sessions and group post, so the more you participate, the more relevant the content.

Advanced Video Training

The Relationships Made Easier Video Library

I have found it very helpful to provide short and to the point training videos for the concepts you will learn in our coaching sessions. The goal of these videos, is to help you to embody the coaching principles and practices we do together faster. I encourage you to watch these video many times and ask any questions that may come up for you. Post your questions in the Heartbeat group.

(NOTE: The Relationship Made Easier Program is being upgraded at the moment. You can be part of the early adopter group to help shape the program. The price below reflects an extreme discount for getting into this program as a charter member) The following outline may change as client request will dictate the ultimate program design.

    Module 1: Handouts

  • Life Wheel – Complete this tried and true tool to speed up what yo focus your energy on.

  • Most From Your Coach – After reading this tool you'll know exactly how to get the most out of each session.

  • Coaching Prep Form – Designed to help you organi your thoughts so you know what to cover when our session begins. Real time saver!

  • And many, many more...

    Module 2: Mindset

  • Visioning – Learn the art of writing vision statements and then how to use them to provide feedback that speeds our journey to success. When you know what you want it is much easier to see what you are doing that is working or not..

  • Values & Beliefs – When you get super clear about what you value and believe, it is much easier to question your reactions to life. This is an essential training to give you a solid baseline to grow your life skills upon.

  • Brain Basics – Neuroscience and attachment theory are two cornerstones behind my work. These videos will help you to visualize what is actually happening in the moment so you can easily redirect your thinking to thoughts to healthy processes that release old trauma and quickly help you to build new neurotransmitters that fire in the right direction.

    Module 3: Habits

  • Memory Systems – Your implicit and Explicit memory system are essential to know about make change easier. Without this knowledge, people demonstrate more resistance to what is happening. With this knowledge, my clients make needed changes much faster.

  • Changing Habits – Reviewing the latest research, we will help you to quickly identify destructive habits and provide you the fast path to developing new ones that accelerate your change, so you reach your goals faster and permanently.

    Module 4: Key Practices

  • Breathing – Your breath is connected to all experiences, good or bad. Combine that with your memory system and you have an extraordinary portal for healing and accelerating your desires.

  • Mindfulness – If you want a happy life, learn mindfulness. The Buddhist have been practicing this for thousands of years. Mindfulness practices will guide you to a happy and peaceful life.

  • Forgiveness – When you learn to forgive, you truly learn to genuinely love. What I find is most people need to forgive themselves. In this program, you will learn the steps to do this, opening the gates for more joy and beneficial relationships.

  • Effective Learning – Most people have a broken model of learning. The current system in the USA relies on comparing you to others, scores (grading system) or placing emphasis on logic. In effective learning, you will learn how to see every moment as an opportunity to grow and adjust your beliefs and values.

    Module 5: Integrity

  • Responsibility – Most people think of responsibility as a burden. This is a huge mistake. Take responsibility, even miniscule amounts, and you'll be greatly rewarded with a life where you have no regrets.

  • Assumptions & Inferences – Our brain loves shortcuts and habituated patterns. In this module you will learn how to interrupt old assumptions and inferences that are destroying any chance of success in certain situations. Simply look at your results and just assume you have been making assumptions that need to be evaluated more closely. 

  • Commitments – Commitment to anything is the cornerstone to complete self awareness. Think of it this way, "Whatever result we are getting means we have some kind of commitment to get it!" 

  • E-Mail Training

    Enhanced E-Mail Lessons

    In each session I do with you and other clients, there are themes that emerge. For example, one client may need more skills writing vision statements, another may be confused about healthy boundaries and so on.


    Over the years, I've noticed some regular themes related to these needed skills. One of the ways I thought of to help resolve this issue was to developed specialized email based training for these topics. When needed,  you can opt into these email campaigns based on your specific needs. 


    This way you learn the latest ways in how to navigate a particular situation or skill you are trying or need to develop. This saves you time and money because it requires less one-on-one work with me directly.


    I hope you are beginning to see my goal is to remove all barriers to your success. While it would be nice to keep your business for a long time I would rather see you succeed as quickly as possible then refer people you know to me.

    Private Direct Messaging

    Support Writing Vision Statements

    One of my favorite strategies for "flushing up" unconscious patterns, is to write vision statements... then watch whether or not what I write down actually happens.


    It's quite revealing, and often humbling, to see what we want and what we are willing to do can be two different things.


    This program evolved out of assisting others for years before more advanced on-line tools became available. 


    The current tool I love is using the direct messaging feature in Heartbeat.


    As long as you keep your statements in Heartbeat, I'm happy to give you feedback at no extra charge. This way the feedback doesn't get lost in the shuffle of emails. They will always be in the Heartbeat portal as long as you are an active client.


    Depending on your commitment and activity level this can save you hundreds of dollars and keep your momentum moving faster towards your goals.


Your Options

Select the plan that is right for you.

EFC Coaching Session

Private recorded video conference sessions when you need them.

($150 Value)

Lifetime Private Group

New! Private group of like-minded people where you can get your answers between sessions

($300 Yearly Value)

Coaching Portal Support

If you decide to write vision statements, which I'll highly recommend, then there is no extra charge for the time I take to review your post. Heartbeat is a beautiful platform you can copy-and-paste your homework into.

($150 Per Hour Value)


(Total Value $500)

EFC Starter Coaching

3 Recorded Video Conference Sessions ($450 Value)

Lifetime Private Group ($300 Yearly Value)

Heartbeat Visioning Feedback Support ($150 Per Hour Value)


(Total Value $1200)

EFC Academy Premium Coaching

12 Recorded Zoom Sessions ($1800 Value)

EFC Academy - 10+ Video Training ($595 Value) 

Lifetime Private Group ($300 Yearly Value)

Heartbeat Visioning Feedback Support ($150 per hour value)

Advanced EMail Education Training ($150 Per Course Value)

Your Investment: $1500 (Save over $1400)

What Clients Have Shared...

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions.

How old do you have to be to do coaching?

I have worked with all ages of people. With parents that have troubled teens or younger children I recommend the parent(s) attend the sessions with them. In my experience, it is always good for both people to look at how they are contributing to any challenges they are facing unless we are doing skill building.

How often should I do coaching?

Everyone is different. Some people prefer to do a deep dive and can spend several hour at a time with me depending how urgent your demands are. Other people, prefer weekly sessions. If you do weekly sessions, I highly recommend you pick a day and a time and add it to your calendar and make it your sacred time and let nothing interfere.

What do people use coaching for?

My coaching is a combination of coaching processes and therapy. My gift as a healer is in seeing the root issue. Most of my sessions include both therapeutic interventions, trauma repair strategies, and skill building. Coaching can be used for: building life skills, putting a plan in place to accelerate your life goals, breaking through limiting beliefs, and developing emotional intelligence to mention a few.

Do you have a payment plan?

I can break up the complete package offer into two paments for 5% more. One third will be due before coaching begins and the remaining payment will be due in 30 days. If you fail to pay on time, there is a $100 dollar penalty fee.

How long do I have to use my sessions?

If you buy the 12 pack I highly recommend you use them weekly until they are complete. I find when people dedicate their time to the sessions each week they have faster and bigger breakthroughs especially if they do their homework. If you elect to not use them back to back, then you will have up to one year to use the session or you will lose it.

Can I gift my sessions to someone if I don't use them?

Yes. Simply let me know at [email protected] or call me at 970-317-0001 or text me who you are gifting them to. I will send a confirmation email that you must respond to to validate.

Best time of day to coach?

My optimal times to coach you is in the morning before noon. This is when I am at my best and peak state of awareness.

Do I guarantee my services?

In 25 years of practicing, I have never had anyone ask for a refund. If you put in your best effort, do the homework, show up on time, and make a committed effort the chances are very small of needing to provide a refund. There is no way to guarantee coaching or therapy will work for someone. That is why I provide a free intro session. This allows us to get to know each other and to feel out if it's a good fit or not. That said, not all sessions are perfect and sometimes it takes longer than expected as new information emerges. Sometimes it takes less sessions than anticipated to get a bead on the unconscious strategies playing out. Sometimes people literally think they had a wonderful childhood, until we dig a little deeper, and can see the damage that was done and is still haunting them. Everyone is different.

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